History of Hock Development Company


Our company began in 1980 as Hock Construction Company, Inc., a design-build commercial and industrial construction firm. Hock Construction was occasionally asked to design, build and lease buildings, which led to the establishment of Hock Development Company.

By the late 1980s a substantial portion of the combined business was in the area of leasing facilities and a decision was made to focus totally on the development side of our business. At that point Hock Construction Company, Inc. was phased out and the pursuit of design-build construction projects for fee income was discontinued.

In spite of the change of direction, the company's philosophy has never been altered. Our goal is and has always been to provide the highest quality, best designed structures, at the most competitive lease rates, designed to enhance our client's business operations. We also understand the added value to our customers of being able to respond rapidly to their development needs. Each client is extremely valuable to us and we demonstrate our appreciation by bending over backwards to meet or exceed expectations. Repeat business has always been a significant portion of our work. We know that to earn the right to do repetitive projects with quality companies who have a myriad of options available to them, we must perform at a high level of excellence.

Doing business with us is easy. First, we sit down and discuss your needs, then work with you to identify and acquire a piece of property. Next, we negotiate a lease agreement, perform the necessary design and engineering, and then build your facility. You pay the first month's lease payment and then move in. We provide these services anywhere in the continental United States.

If you have an upcoming need to have a commercial or industrial building built to your specifications and leased to you, please either e-mail us at office@hockdevelopment.com or give us a call at 706-722-2277 in Augusta, Georgia. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hock Development Co.
456 Telfair Street
Augusta, GA 30903
Phone 706-722-2277
Fax 706-722-2273


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