About Hock Development Company

Hock Development Company has built and leased hundreds of buildings over the past 30 plus years. Our company does business with many national and regional companies.

Club CarWarehouse
300,000 sq.ft.
Augusta, Georgia
These relationships foster projects as far west as Texas and as far north as Pennsylvania. Repeat business has always been an important component of our core business and we work very hard to produce the highest quality buildings at the most reasonable lease prices. We have a team of professionals with many years of experience in commercial and industrial development, construction and leasing. Our company has the expertise to build and lease your company a building of any size, anywhere in the United States.

Hock Development Co.
456 Telfair Street
Augusta, GA 30903
Phone 706-722-2277
Fax 706-722-2273


Titan Distribution Warehouse
150,000 sq.ft.
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

   Hock Development Company can save your company both time and money due to our core competancies. Our company has a tremendous level of proficiency in design and building. Coupling that with any in-depth project development background gives our company an unbeatable combination. Other developers without in-house construction expertise must use full service general contractors to build their projects. This makes the project more expensive for the developer and their client. Hock Development subcontracts projects out using a well developed, fully tested network of contractors. This streamlines the develpment process, resulting in far lower buildings costs. This passes savings on to our customers.
   Hock Development without obligation, confidentially provides concrete, turn-key proposals, including preliminary drawings and specifications. If our proposal is accepted, a lease document will be drafted and upon its execution, we will begin the construction process.
Our company is focused on the needs of our customers. If your company has an immediate need for a building, which is not in our inventory, and you do not have the time to have us design and build a facility, which meets your requirements, we will explore the possibilities of buying an existing building, modifying it to fit your needs, and leasing it back to you.
   We look forward to the prospect of doing business with your company.

CVS Warehouse
200,000 sq.ft.
Augusta, Georgia

Monitor Manufacturing Warehouse
202,000 sq. ft.
Augusta, GA
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